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Emotional Intelliegence is not about being emotional

it's about being effective in life no matter what role we are playing.

Design & Development

Workers with high EQ are better able to work in teams, adjust to change and be flexible. i

Customer Engagment

Companies with higher empathy are shown to increase in value and generate up to 50% more earnings. ii

Success Measurement

 Role EQ plays to business success at 75–80%, while IQ is considered to contribute a mere 20–25%. iii

Let's redefine the future of leadership.

A lot of people mismanage their emotions so with emotional intelligence coaching we help people become effective with their emotions to become more successful in all areas of their life.

Emotional Intelligence takes the guesswork out of how you lead and how others are impacted by your leadership. 

"EQ will bring your company more engaged, committed employees and that spells success." Mariah DeLeon - Vice President, Glassdoor

Meet Your EQ Coach

Mario Hood is a Certified Life and EQi | EQ 360 Coach (MHS) & has over 10+ years of Life Coaching Experience.

Go For it! This saying exemplifies who Mario Hood is at his core. Your temporary situation doesn't have to become a permanent lifestyle. All it takes is one decision to GO FOR IT! 

To Mario, this isn't just a cute saying, it's an understanding gain through living a life of an overcomer. With a Master's in Leadership and currently studying for a Doctorate in Global Leadership and Perspectives, Mario's life goal is to help others do the same. The only question now is, what are you waiting for? It's time to GO FOR IT!

Find Out The Top EQ Factors For Your Occupation.

Get your FREE Guide of Top EQ Factors for your Occupations below!

FREE EQ Factors Guide